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APRIL - Idaho Distinguished Young Woman of the Year

               Citywide Cleanup

MAY  31 - Community Band Concert

JUNE, 3rd SATURDAY - Potlatch Community Yard Sale

JULY, 2nd SATURDAY - Speeders at WIMHPG Depot

JULY, 3rd SATURDAY - Potlatch Community Days

AUGUST, 1st SATURDAY - Annual Fiddle Show

AUGUST, 1st TUESDAY - National Night Out Against Crime

(LifeBird, Potlatch Fire & Ambulance, Emergency Personnel)

AUGUST, Last SATURDAY - Return to Riverside Music Festival

SEPTEMBER - Pie in the Park

DECEMBER - 2nd SATURDAY - Christmas in Potlatch

                                                         Bazaars and food available during                                                           the day.

                                                         Train Engineer's School at the                                                                   WIMHPG Railroad Depot.

                                                         Community Band Concert - 2 p.m.

                                                         Lighted Christmas Parade - 5 p.m.

                                                         Fireworks in the Park after parade

                                                         Dance at WIMHPG Railroad Depot

THANKSGIVING TO THE NEW YEAR - Christmas Light Display in                                                                         the Scenic 6 Park

Potlatch also has an Historical Society

and the WIMHPG Railroad Museum

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